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Dr Houston




Dr. Houston



over the state of Christianity   



Why we are not seeing the "greater works" that Jesus said we would do, happening in the Church!

1. False Repentance is rampant in the church. (A possible large percentage of so called "Christians" are in fact not "saved" at all and are on their way to hell.)


2. A False Gospel Message is being preached. (Throughout evangelical circles a false interpretation of Grace is being preached, thereby deceiving many into thinking that they are going to heaven when in fact they are not.)


3. A False Christian lifestyle is accepted as normal. (A disobedient, un-crucified, un-sanctified carnal lifestyle is being promoted, bringing no holy lifestyle and true victory over sin, no true blessings, no fullness of faith and the conditional Holy Spirit manifestation of the promises. Instead they have false gifting and false provision, a belief that natural need and human comfort is primarily the true Christian message.)








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